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May 29, 2020
From May 25, 2020 to May 31, 2020
The answer to your troubles right now is to take things much less seriously! Have a look into your heart and ask yourself where your sense of humor went. You may find it really hasn't gone that far. If you need help getting started right now, give yourself some prayer or meditation time.
The week not only begins with the Moon wrapping up its monthly visit to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart but the New Moon that over the weekend marked the start of the month long wind down of your old solar year. No wonder then that there is the potential for a case of Mondayitis. However, the Moon's return to Cancer on Monday will take the edge off this and also have you looking to the future. For while your birthday month and new solar year is still four weeks away, by the time the Moon leaves Cancer on Wednesday Mercury is just two days away. With no planetary activity in your sign since the middle months of 2019, Mercury's return will be a chance to open new doors, get your head in the game and ideas on the table ahead of time. Better still, while usually only in Cancer for 14 to 15 days each year, a retrograde turn next month will keep Mercury here until August, giving you plenty of time to consider your options.
You're reminded this month of how 'the heart wants what it wants.' The coming weeks offer more than one rare and potentially far-reaching opportunity to express yourself. A Full Moon on the 7th could be the catalyst for launching or announcing a creative project you've kept under wraps. It could also push you to express thoughts or feelings profoundly to a particular person. Either way, you're about to become clearer in your mind and heart about your future, its direction, and whether a particular person plays a part in both.
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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?

Zodiac signs, also known as Horoscope signs are effective tools to determine one's personality, character traits, talents, strengths and weaknesses. One's sign is determined on the basis of his/her date and time of birth.

Knowledge of astrology signs is extremely useful tool to know about people. It can be effectively used to gather information about people and their characteristics. It can also be used to know about our future so that we can take precautionary measures to avoid any unwanted circumstances. It can be used to make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts. This can give one person a chance to be prepared for future or ward off unwanted or unpleasant events.

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