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How to identify a person by the zodiac sign?
Oct 23 - Nov 21

Scorpio is one of the toughest of all the other zodiac signs. Individuals belonging to Scorpio horoscope signs are intense and profound. They appear calm and composed from the outer side, but on the inner side they are a flowing river of emotions. They can maintain their cool even in the toughest of situations and remain calm and peaceful. They do not panic or get nervous when confronted with difficult situations, but handle them in a matured and dignified manner. Behind the calm and composed individual lies the aggressive, strong, powerful person who can tackle any tough situations. They are very friendly and courteous and great company to be with. They are thoughtful, good conversationalist and pleasant people who might make you feel a little uncomfortable with their sharp and watchful eyes. Even though they may stay away from the scene, they will always have their eyes on them. They are alert, mindful and will never miss any detail that is important to them. They are markedly different from the others in every field and they can use this talent of theirs in both good and bad ways. Hence they need a lot of self discipline to make good use of their qualities. However they have a strong will power which will guide them in making right decisions. Sometimes they tend to be sensitive and get carried away by their emotions, which is quite natural given their emotional nature. They are quick in sensing criticisms and also tend to get angry quite easily. In a fit of rage they might say or do extreme things that will upset people and make them their enemies for life. If they dislike someone then they will express it openly, without hiding anything from them. They are blunt with their criticisms and don't even hesitate to be cruel with people they hate. However they have a very constructive attitude towards the people they like and maintain a very good relationship with them. They do not hesitate to criticise others for their faults but themselves are not aware of their own. They do not easily forgive and forget people who cause them trouble or any sort of harm. They are revengeful and will not rest until they have dealt with their enemies. They guard their pride and honour fiercely and don't spare people who tamper with them. At times they can be stubborn, troublesome and jealous. They also have very strong imaginative powers and intuition which they can effectively use in their favour. They are analytical, critical and have the ability to reach to the depth of matters. They are charismatic and have the ability to be a shining star among everyone. They have in them what it takes to reach the top. However if they take the wrong path they can be equally evil and destructive. They hate conventions and can be extremely political at times. They can be either of the two extremes, either too good or too bad. However most of the time they channelize their energies for the good cause.

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